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Slack 2020 for Windows | Slack 2021 for Windows Free Download – Get the latest version of Slack for Windows 10, 8, and 7 for 32-bits and 64-bit computer systems. Slack for Windows combines all of your communications within an area. Slack is a leading messaging app comparable to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) oriented to small teamwork. Call them about being told about everything or calling them to focus only on a few points. With data residency for Slack, organizations can select areas where certain types of consumer data such as files, blog posts, and messages are stored at rest. See more available regions and discover more about where data resides in the Help Center.

Name:Slack for Windows
Version:Latest Version 2021
Publisher Website:
User Rating:
Operating System:Windows 10, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Slack 2021 for Windows Free Download

Download Slack 2020 for Windows 64-bit
Download Here
Download Slack 2020 for Windows 32-bit
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Slack for Windows

It’s not just your message, but all your documents, images, PDFS, spreadsheets, and notes can be instantly inserted into Slack and shared with the people you want.

If you use any type of services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box, simply paste the link, and it’s aligned and searchable as well.

Current data residences are available in Tokyo, Japan. See the different areas available and learn more about data residency in Help.

With the Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid set up, you can now set a sidebar with custom-made sections.

Link all the tools you use to Slack and stay away from all the continuous changes between apps. The new search bar at the top of your workspace makes it easier to find the data, messages, and people you’re looking for, from anywhere in Slack.

With one search box and a powerful collection of search drivers, you can slice and cut your means to message it on the straw pile of your communication.

Slack 2020 for Windows
Slack 2020 for Windows

With a new makeup switch, it’s much easier to send messages from anywhere in Slack. Start creating and selecting where the original message should choose the click of a button.

Plus, the current admin box can set security and safety settings for the document Box in Slack from the Admin Box console.

We’ve included a quick way of one new button to take different actions on a message as they emphasized, making it faster to navigate Slack with screen visitors.


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