PrimeOS for Windows

PrimeOS for Windows
PrimeOS 2022 for Windows | Download PrimeOS 2022 for Windows PC – Get the latest version of PrimeOS for Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7 (32 and 64 bit) computer systems. PrimeOS is a Windows application that offers all of the features of the Android OS on computer monitors. You may access millions of mobile-specific applications on your desktop, transforming it into a mobile gaming device. You can use a PC to run this software, which is quite useful for those who own a smartphone with a processor that can’t handle playing demanding games.

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Midoriting System:Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)

PrimeOS 2022 for PC Free Download

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PrimeOS for PC

An excellent feature of PrimeOS is that it supports running on both Windows and macOS operating systems, allowing users to simulate playing various Android games on a PC. Based on Android-x86, PrimeOS provides a full system entry with a start menu and taskbar.

It uses an Android foundation, just like Phoenix and Remix OS, to offer a recognizable platform design. This complete integration of Android and PC aims to give you the best of both worlds.

On your PC, you can play a variety of games with PrimeOS. You only need to use the mouse and keyboard when configuring the system. Now you can play any Android game comfortably using a keyboard and mouse. The taskbar and start menu are integral parts of the PrimeOS operating system. With the help of the DecaPro tool, you may play Android games with a convenient keyboard and mouse.

Any x86-based device running PrimeOS provides an entirely desktop equivalent of using a smartphone. It leverages an Android basis on different device configurations to deliver a recognizable platform layout. Although the supplied software is free, some users might object to how anonymously their data is used.

Launching the dual-boot mode in addition to your default Windows OS will allow you to install the program. Like an Android device, PrimeOS uses the notification center to display notifications. The majority of Android apps allow multiple windows. Apps, notifications, and system icons can all be displayed in the taskbar.

You can resize, maximize, minimize, and close applications. You can create shortcut icons, pin apps, and quickly navigate between apps. It will be simpler to find what you need if there are customizable buttons to access valuable tools rapidly.

Download PrimeOS 2022 for PC
Download PrimeOS 2022 for PC

Manual PrimeOS 2022 Install

You can try running PrimeOS with the help of VirtualBox on windows without having to install it directly in the computer bios.

To install PrimeOS directly on your computer partition with botable method (ext4 or UEFI), you can follow these steps:

  • This method requires Etcher / Rufus, PrimeOS iso. You should use a fast USB drive (8GB or larger).
  • Insert your USB disk and run Etcher / Rufus to flash PrimeOS. Select PrimeOS iso and generate bootable USB.
  • Be careful with the below instructions and backup your data if you’re unsure.
  • To install PrimeOS on your HDD/SSD/SDcard, create a new partition ( suggested minimum size is 16GB ).
  • Turn off secure boot and boot the PrimeOS USB by pressing Esc or F12 and selecting the PrimeOS USB.
  • Install PrimeOS from GRUB.
  • The installer loads, and you can choose which partition you made. Choose Ext4 to format the drive.
  • If asked to install Grub, choose YES.
  • After installation, the installer will ask if you wish to run PrimeOS; reboot and delete the USB disk.


Playing Android games on a Windows computer is made possible by PrimeOS. The operating system is pre-loaded with the most popular Android games. Even on low-performance desktop PCs, everything functions without a hitch. PrimeOS also powers communication sites and lifestyle features and runs movie streaming services.

Although the supplied software is all free, anyone concerned about privacy could be alarmed by the anonymous data collecting.